Posted by: Amr Ashraf | January 10, 2009


Climate change is a count down to the catastrophic global crisis. That  war -world war III- will be harder and more destructive than the last two ones. We -humans- are the weak guys… but our Enemy is not Climate change. It is our interests, benefits and welfare which push us to destroy our priceless Ecosystem which cannot be replaced and soon, cannot be repaired.

There are some important facts that I’d like to share with you:

The Human Development Report 2007/2008 shows that climate change is not just a future scenario. Increased exposure to droughts, floods and storms is already destroying opportunity and reinforcing inequality. Meanwhile, there is now overwhelming scientific evidence that the world is moving towards the point at which irreversible ecological catastrophe becomes unavoidable.

Ban Ki-moon, secretary-General of the UN says “The 2007/2008 Report comes at a time when climate change is starting to receive the very highest attention that it merits. The recent findings of the governmental Panel on Climate Change have sounded a clarion call; they have unequivocally affirmed the warming of our climate system, and linked it directly to human activity”.

Climate Change in Egypt

Egypt’s Delta with its coastal front on the Mediterranean is considered vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. In addition to the rise in sea level, Climate change will also produce stressful effects on water and agricultural resources, tourism and human settlements. Fragile and unique ecosystems such as mangrove stands in the Red Sea, which stabilize shorelines and provide a habitat for many species, may also be threatened.

A study on the vulnerability of the coastal zone in Alexandria, the second largest city in Egypt, revealed that a 30 cm rise in sea level is expected to occur by 2025, inundating approximately 200 square kilometers. As a result, over half a million inhabitants may be displaced and approximately 70,000 jobs could be lost.

This will oblige more than 40 percent of Egypt’s population to immigrate and abandon their homes, which may cause social problems. All these problems will destroy all the establishments and supplies on the costal zone of Egypt, we will face a serious problem in providing supplies for our population to consume.

Floods, Hurricanes, Environmental damages and losses… people will lose their jobs… they will search for a safe place and leave the costal zone. Climate scientists have warned that the Nile not only could suffer a decrease in water flow of up to 75% by the end of the century, but also a rise in sea levels would threaten to flood around 20% of the Nile delta. With further threats from increasing desertification, between two and fourteen million people could become refugees due to the environmental damage. Briefly, Climate change is the END OF EGYPT


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